The Temple Boys and their
1974 KAWASAKI 90


Kevin bought this bike new at 'Mid South Cycle City' in Southaven, Mississippi (now 'Southaven Kawasaki-Yamaha') in 1973. I bought it from him a year later. We all had a lot of fun with this bike.

Garrett and I playing in the snow with the Kawasaki

The Kawasaki was OK for a starter bike.
I had lots of trouble with the 2 stroke engine and the oil injector pump.
It would fowl out the spark plug every 30 miles or so.
When I started working at 16, the bike became too unreliable for my only means of transportation.
So I bought a Honda CB360 in late 1977

While web surfing I came across this photo of a Kawasaki 90.
Our bike looked like this on many occasions.






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