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Shaunna and me September 2000
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Our 1999 Family Portrait.

Thanks to Mark Istvanko

Olive Branch High School
Flag Corp 2000/2001
in action!
images\sherilyn\flag1_r.jpg images\sherilyn\flag2_r.jpg images\sherilyn\flag3_r.jpg images\sherilyn\flag5_r.jpg images\sherilyn\flag6_r.jpg images\sherilyn\flag7_r.jpg
Recognition of Band Seniors and their Parents
images\sherilyn\sherilyn_shaunna_2000_r.jpg images\sherilyn\sp2_r.jpg images\sherilyn\sp3_r.jpg images\sherilyn\sp5_r.jpg images\sherilyn\sp6_r.jpg images\sherilyn\sp7_r.jpg
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Me washing my car

Grandpa and I at Nana's birthday party

Grandad and I in October 1992.
The first trophy he won at a car show.

My 1988 Sable Photos

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