Queen of Peace Catholic Church

Sacrament of Confirmation

8455 Germantown Road
Olive Branch, Mississippi 38654
Office - 662-895-5007
Fax - 662-895-5036

Youth meetings Wednesday evenings at 7:00 (during the school year).
Confirmation Celebration

Thanks to everyone who made the Confirmation Celebration a success!

Special thanks to the Most Reverend William R. Houck,D.D. Bishop of Jackson,The priests of the Sacred Heart Southern Missions, the students of Queen of Peace, Holy Spirit, Christ the King, and St. Anthony parishes, to Ed and Lisa Bell for their countless hours of musical preparation, the 'rockin' QOPCC Choir and to Linda Griffith and the Queen of Peace Ladies Auxiliary for the wonderful reception

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images\qop\c22_r.jpg images\qop\c23_r.jpg images\qop\c24_r.jpg
images\qop\c26_r.jpg images\qop\c27_r.jpg images\qop\c28_r.jpg images\qop\c29_r.jpg
images\qop\c30_r.jpg images\qop\c31_r.jpg images\qop\c32_r.jpg images\qop\c33_r.jpg
images\qop\c34_r.jpg images\qop\c35_r.jpg images\qop\c36_r.jpg images\qop\c37_r.jpg
images\qop\c38_r.jpg images\qop\c39_r.jpg images\qop\c17_r.jpg images\qop\c18_r.jpg
images\qop\c1_r.jpg images\qop\c2_r.jpg images\qop\c3_r.jpg
images\qop\c5_r.jpg images\qop\c6_r.jpg images\qop\c7_r.jpg images\qop\c8_r.jpg
images\qop\c9_r.jpg images\qop\c10_r.jpg images\qop\c11_r.jpg images\qop\c12_r.jpg
images\qop\c13_r.jpg images\qop\c14_r.jpg images\qop\c16_r.jpg images\qop\c17_r.jpg
images\qop\c18_r.jpg images\qop\c19_r.jpg images\qop\c20_r.jpg images\qop\c21_r.jpg
If you would like to add your pictures to our page please email them to me or leave a copy in the church office (with your name on the back) and I will scan them for you.
Thank you.

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