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Our first family portrait.
August 11,1956

50th Anniversary Party
August 2006


Our Family photo 50 years later
August 12, 2006


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Jean's 60th birthday photo page

Jean's Retirement Party photo page

50th Wedding Anniversary


World Travel photos

Thailand Trip #1


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Thailand Trip #2


Here is a brief photo history of our family as it has grown over the years.

Our first house, 1500 Northridge Columbus,14 Ohio.
Kevin, Leonard and Garrett were born here.

Leonard - 2 years old Garrett 6 months old
in the back yard on Northridge.
(click on photo to enlarge)

Leonard, Garrett and Kevin with Santa in 1964

Looking out beyond our back yard on Whitby Square
Bobby, Tammy, Kevin, Leonard, Garrett and Kelly.
(click on photo to enlarge)

Bob with Kevin, Leonard and Garrett Easter 1967
(click on photo to enlarge)

Our Family portrait in 1968
Bob, Kevin, Jean, Eric (in Jean's lap), Leonard and Garrett
(click on photo to enlarge)

Kevin with his then girlfriend and next door neighbor, Cindy Piatt
(click on photo to enlarge)

Kathy, Keith and Eric with Santa in 1976

Leonard and Keith in 1977 next to Leonard's first car - Bob's old 68 Volkswagen

Our family portrait Taken March 1,1980
in the living room on Morningview Cove

Sitting on the floor: Eric
Sitting on Couch L-to-R: Kevin, Leonard, Bob, Kathy, Jean and Keith
Standing: Garrett
(Flannel shirts and lots of hair were in style that week!)

Our family in 1989
Floor L-to-R: Kathy, Shaunna, Lisa, Bobby, Sheryl and Sherilyn
Couch L-to-R: Keith, Eric, Garrett, Leonard and Kevin
(The boy's foreheads were just starting to grow)

Mother's Day 1998
Front row: AJ, Bobby, Jean, Shaunna and Brittni
2nd row: Garrett, Christine, Sheryl, Sherilyn, Stephanie and Kathy
3rd row: Carol, Kevin, Eric, Leonard, Keith and Kent
Noticably absent: Bob

Our "Clan" in 1999
Row 1: AJ, Bobby and Brittni
Row 2: Kathy, Shaunna, Beth, Garrett (very happy), Jean and Stephanie
Row 3: Kent, Leonard, Sherilyn, Sheryl, Bob, Kevin, Carol, Keith (holding Madison) and Eric

Here we are all are at Jean's Retirement Party

Our "empty nest" Family Portrait taken in 1999

Our granddaughters Shaunna and Sherilyn
(Leonard and Sheryl's daughters)
September 2000
(click on photo to enlarge)

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Casey and Kent Jr. on their scooters Christmas 2000

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