In the evening of our first day in Bangkok a welcome dinner was held on a private boat while cruising on the Chao Phraya River.  By the time we could take pictures it was dark.  Some of these pictures are included below, plus some from our 2004 trip.  These were taken on the Chao Phraya River during the day time.  Also, at night some boats on the river are covered with lights.  Tourism is Bangkok’s main type of income.  So, there are many ‘long boats’ on the river day and night with 30 to 40 tourists aboard.  These boats, too, are covered with lights at night. Bob and I had dinner at the Shangri-Lai hotel during our stay in Bangkok this time.  The Shangri-Lai hotel is on this river.  During our first trip to Bangkok in 2002, we stayed at the Shangri Lai hotel for four days.  We enjoyed dining on the terrace with a view of the river in the evening.  The lighted boats on the river were delightful to see in the evening.  Plus there are people all around you on vacation speaking many different languages. Pic’s here.