Leonard & Sheryl's

25th Wedding Anniversary

in Hawaii


The view approaching the island of Maui is breathtaking

We drove the road you see here - it is called The Road to Hana.
It is about 50 miles long and is composed of 680 sharp curves and 77 one lane bridges.
Your top speed on this road is 15 mph.

We very much enjoyed our time on the beach where I learned how very important
it is to put sunscreen EVERYWHERE as the sun will seek out the area you missed
and burn the crap out of you!

This was an increditable sight to see.  Deep blue ocean on 200 degree sand.


The sound of the surf is very relaxing

The Maui sunset.  Words can not describe the beauty of these sunsets

Our last night in Maui.  A final photo of the Sunset on the beach.
This is the view from our room at the Ka-anapali Beach Hotel in Maui
Some of the sights we saw while driving around the island of Maui.

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