Leonard & Sheryl's

25th Wedding Anniversary

in Hawaii

Pearl Harbor - USS Arizona Memorial
USS Missouri Tour

The ancor and gun turrett base from the USS Arizona

Sheryl with a Pearl Harbor survivor and more shots of the USS Arizona
A diagram showing where the USS Arizona lies beneath the memorial
The names of all who perished on the USS Arizona.  Looking toward the USS Missouri

More of the USS Arizona under water

getting on the ferry to ride back to shore from the USS Arizona Memorial

Arriving at the USS Missouri.  Officer's quarters

Emergency room and the officer's showers. 
Scale model of the USS Missouri.  The dent in the side of the USS Missouri
where a Japanese kamikaze pilot crashed his plane into her side in an failed effort to sink her. 
The last photo is of our tour guide Mappy.

The deck of the Missouri.  The deck still has it's original teak wood decking

looking back from the USS Missouri at the Arizona Memorial and the shore

Big guns - and lots of them!

The Patriot missiles and the bridge.

Radar from the bridge and the actual spot where the Instrument of Surrender was signed
September 2nd 1945 ending World War II.  This was a very moving experience. 
To stand where Generals MacArthur and Nimitz and their staff accepted
the surrender from the Japanese at Tokyo Bay Japan. 

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