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I got this truck from my Grandpa.
I plan to add custom paint and maybe lower it somewhat..
(My Daddy's not too keen on the lowering part)
Soon I will have some more photos of my truck to display.


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The history of the Toyota Truck

1964: The Stout
This is the name of the ancestor of the Hilux. It was almost a full size truck but was equiped with a small economical engine. Its poor engine performance never attracted American buyers, at a time when gas mileage was not a concern (Toyota sold 4,000 units of the Stout in the US).

1969: Hilux
The first model of the HiLux is introduced. It was a 2WD pickup, which was a very economical commercial vehicle. By the late 70s, there was an important 4x4 conversion after-market to put the tiny HiLux on all four!

1979: The 4WD compact Truck
The first model that will create the Toyota Truck legend. It is at this time that the HiLux name was dropped in North America while conserved in other countries. When designing this pickup, Toyota was actually very conservative, as they designed it closely after the Land Cruiser: Solid front axle, leaf springs on all wheels, and a rugged, long-tested frame. Toyota trucks were available in two wheelbase lengths (short bed and long bed). The short wheel base is a fairly good offroader, while the long wheelbase is good for towing and carrying cargo. The popularity of these trucks was increased by the possibility to upgrade them with after market accessories (bigger wheels, suspension lifts, etc.).

1981: 22R engines
The 22R engine replaced the 20R model. The first 5-speed transmission appear on 4WD trucks. Introduction of the one-touch tailgate.

1983: The 4Runner
A cousin of the Hilux, the 4Runner (or HiLux Surf in Japan) first appears as a modified pickup. Automatic transmission available for compact trucks.

1984: New Generation Hilux and SR5s
Toyota trucks reach an amazing popularity in the states with this restyled model. 1984 is also the year of introduction of Xtra Cabs.

1985: Electronic Fuel Injection
The 22R engine is upgraded to the 22R-E model.

1986: IFS and Turbocharger
All pickups and 4Runner have an independent front suspension (IFS) after 1985. This move answered the growing need for a more comfortable Toyota truck, at the expense of the truck's working and off-roading capabilities. Toyota kept on improving the power of their trucks by introducing a turbo-charged engine, the 22R-TE.

1988: V6 Engines
V6 engines (3.0l) are introduced on trucks and 4Runners, and the older 22R is discontinued.

1989: Time for a cosmetic lift!
A new generation is introduced with more aero dynamical bodies and car-like interiors. The "rusty bed syndrom" of older trucks was solved at this point. A back seat is made available in Xcab models. 4WDemand (automatic front locking hubs) is introduced. The 22R-TE engine is discontinued, as the V6 engine answered the need for more power. Diesel engines are also discontinued.

1990: 4Runner
The 4Runner is transformed with 4 doors and a full-bodied wagon.

1993: The T100
The first Toyota Full-Size truck first came equiped with the 3.0l V6.

1994: T100 new engines
The T100 is equiped in standard with a 2.7l 4 cylinders engine and a 5 speed manual transmission. It remains available with the 3.0l V6.

1995: The Tacoma, and the 3.4l V6
The brand new North American Toyota pickup. Designed and manufactured in the States. The T100 is proposed with a brand new 3.4l V6 engine, and Xcab models became available.

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