Leonard P. Temple &
Angelita Carey Temple Family Photos

Bob, Glennie, Sonny and Joe



Here is the tree info I have so far:

There were 13 siblings on my grandfather Leonard Perry Temple's family.  they were:

Cecil, Norman, Leonard, Richard ("Dick"), Russell, William, JoAnne ("Peewee" died in a car accident at age 15), Esther, Agnes, Marcella (aka "Eldy"), "Sis", Martha and Shirley.  they lived at_______ in the city of ________, Ohio.

Their parents were William Temple and Glennie Wingarner of_________, Ohio.


Leonard and Angelita were married on:___________ and lived at_________ then moved to 1851 Denune Ave, Columbus, OH .  from there to McGuffy Road in 19__.

Leonard and Angelita had four children.  Joseph born Feb. 3, 1932, Leonard P. "Sonny" born_____, Glendora born ______, and my dad Robert born May 25th, 1936.  Robert was named for his uncle Robert Carey who died in an automobile accident in late 1935.

Leonard P. Temple died in November 1959 from complications from undiagnosed colon cancer at the young age of 48.  I was born in December of 59 and was named Leonard Leo honoring him and my mom's father, Leo Starrett.

Got some photos or stories to share?  Can you fill in the blanks above?
Please send them to me and I'll post them.  Leonard.


Sonny age 2

Glennie age 2 - Downtown

Joe and Sonny

Angeleta at Cutlers Drugstore

Leonard, Glennie (W/Jack) Grandpa William Temple

Joe, Sonny,  Glennie,  Bob

Leonard and Jack

Jack and friend

Leonard and Jack


McGuffy Road - 1970

Mom's b-day 2005

Sonny and Joe 1947

The 1956 Wedding

Jean and Bob 1954

Sonny, Glennie, Bob @ Loretta's 1975

The Temple Women 1971

The Temple Family at William Temple's farm 1938







Got some photos to share?  Send them to me and I will post them.  Leonard.

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