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Leonard & Sheryl's

Venture Adventurers

First Annual
Smoky Mountains Motorcycle Ride
April 11-15 2002

I had a great time riding and fellowshipping
with these fine people.
Left to Right:
Tony, Me, Clarence & Shirley, Marsha & Bill,
Roger, Larry, and Angie & Calvin

The talk is to come back next year sometime late in May.

Here is a map showing our route

"Place of Blue Smoke" was the name given by the Cherokee Indians to the Appalachian Highlands on the border between North Carolina and Tennessee. The forest here exudes water vapor and oily residues which create a smoke-like haze that surrounds the peaks and fills the valleys.
Great Smoky Mountains National Park, encompassing more than 800 square miles, protects one of the world's finest temperate deciduous forests and is a remainder of the tree-rich landscape of pre-Columbian America. The Smokies also represent an important period in the earth's development when 300 million years ago, super continents collided and the earth's crust pushed upward forming high, jagged mountains. Over the course of time these mountains have been smoothed and softened by erosion. The geographical evidence, biological evolution and diversity make this park a superlative natural preserve.


I took most of these photos below while I was riding.
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